Tested Direct Selling – by Elmer Wheeler

$ 9.95

IF YOU COLD CALL, this is the book for you. Door to door selling was all about cold calling.

This new book, by the well known exponent of “sizzle selling,” is the first comprehensive book to be published on the application of salesmanship to direct, or door-to-door, selling.

Written in collaboration with E.W. Proctor, Jr., of the Guild Company of New York City, the book is both authoritative and practical.

The author has packed TESTED DIRECT SELLING with typical Wheeler punch and “sizzle.” He has done a lot of direct selling himself and he knows just what is needed to get inside the door and come out with an order.

He relates some of his own early experiences in selling from door to door, and in addition places before the reader the methods used by other salespeople who have made a success of direct selling.

J.M. George, General Ccounsel, National Association of Direct Selling Companies, says in his forward to this book:

“The book can be studied with profit not only by the great army of salesmen and executives in the field, but by those in any other field of selling, for the principles are the same, the application only being different.”




Tested Direct Selling – by Elmer Wheeler