Only one video of Elmer Wheeler is known to exist.

It was produced in 1947 and titled "Man to Man". It was made in association with Remington Arms Company by the Jam Handy Training Films Company.

The purpose of the video was to increase sales of firearms in hardware stores. These clips are excerpted from that film and show Elmer presenting each of the "5 Wheelerpoints".


I had read in a newspaper clipping published in December of 1952, of an event where Elmer would be screening his new COLOR movie at his residence in Dallas, TX. This information appeared nowhere else and years of searching turned up no copies of this film or any reference to it. Until now.

At the bottom of the page is a 5 minute clip assembled from that movie filmed in Summer of 1952. It features a casually dressed Elmer.

"Don't Sell the Steak, Sell the Sizzle"

"Don't Write, Telegraph"

"Say it With Flowers"

"Don't Ask If, Ask Which"

"Watch Your Bark"

"All 5 Wheelerpoints"

Newly Discovered 1952 Elmer Wheeler Video