Tested Salesmanship (Digital Copy)

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“Tested Salesmanship,” Elmer Wheeler’s latest book on selling, was written especially for this course and is available only to students taking this course.

On the pages following you’ll read the teachings of Elmer Wheeler . . . tested, sure-fire and practical techniques developed over a period of 17 years in the famous Elmer Wheeler Training Laboratories. There he has developed training programs, manuals and tested words and phrases for an impressive string of national concerns such as Macy’s, Hickey-Freeman, Statler Hotels, Penney’s, Sears, American Airlines, Hoover Company, Johns-Manville, and others. Millions of people today buy merchandise because they are “persuaded” by Wheeler-trained salesmen using Wheeler Sizzles.

The KEY-NOTE of this entire book is simplicity. In fact, the big success of all Elmer Wheeler books is due largely to the simplicity of the presentation of the ideas they present, and the effortless way they read.

“Tested Salesmanship” is the latest in a long string of best-sellers to come from the pen of Elmer Wheeler. Eight other books on business and sales psychology, including “Sizzlemanship,” “Tested Retail Selling,” and “Tested Sentences That Sell,” have preceded this one and are today being read by millions of Americans.

Elmer Wheeler’s books on selling have outsold all books on salesmanship ever written.