Sizzlemanship (Digital Copy)

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SlZZLEMANSHIP IS THE NAME THAT ELMER WHEELER HAS Given to his unique method of “Sizzle Selling,” first introduced to the American public in his now famous book, Tested Sentences That Sell.

In this new book Elmer Wheeler dips again into the vast fund of experience that he has acquired in applying the “sizzle” formula to selling different types of products.

Here are actual stories of work done behind the counter and out in the field, the things that the genial Sizzle Philosopher discovered about selling for his many clients and on tours to Cuba and Mexico.

The Sizzle formula remains unchanged in this new book, but there are new applications of it—new ideas that you can use in your work as an individual salesman, or as a director of the selling activities of others.

Thousands of copies of Mr. Wheeler’s first book were sold. We believe that this new book, Sizzlemanship, will better even this remarkable sales record.