Selling Dangerously (Digital Copy)

$ 7.45


Have you enough nerve and sales spunk to sell dangerously?

Many salesmen can’t sell dangerously. They lack the nerve, sales guts, or spunk needed to handle this advanced brand of sizzlemanship.

They can sell nicely to the ordinary, normal, everyday type of prospect who patiently listens to the salesman’s presentation of fact, sizzle, benefits and proof.

But when the apparently unsellable “tough prospect” comes along, and when the regular customers turn into “toughies,” these normal sellers crumble, fall to pieces, get upset, and lose the sale.

This book shows you what to do when you meet these toughies — and how to size them up — how finally to twist them into a sale which others have failed to get.

Thus it shows you how to gain business that would otherwise be passed up, money in the bank that would otherwise be lost — plus the greatest of personal admiration from these tough prospects you turn into customers.