The Sizzle Book (Digital Copy)

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A comparatively few months ago we induced Elmer Wheeler to let us publish his now-famous Tested Sentences That Sell. The success of that book has become phenomenal.

Recently a number of sales managers have asked that we put the book out in an abbreviated edition for the use of salesmen. So, in this book you will find about a dozen selected chapters taken from Mr. Wheeler’s larger book, Tested Sentences That Sell—now in its fourth big printing.

We have called this abbreviated edition The Sizzle Book, because it is built around Mr. Wheeler’s now-famous slogan, “It’s the sizzle that sells the steak—not the cow.”

You will find in this book not only the Five Wheeler- points, in addition to several chapters explaining the Wheeler philosophy of selling, but a brand new chapter written especially for this edition, “Putting the Sizzle Into Hams, Airlines, and Silverware.”

The Sizzle Book contains the gist of Mr. Wheeler’s work in measuring the effectiveness of spoken words and selling techniques. It should literally prove to be worth its weight in gold to the thousands of ambitious salespersons who wish to take the guess and gamble out of their everyday sales presentations.