How to Tap Your Hidden Sources of Energy

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How To Tap Your Hidden Sources Of Energy

In this exciting new book you’ll find the answer to your “energy problem”— how to have more pep, vigor and vitality in your everyday life!

Now you can banish those morning blues, end your “4 o’clock slump,” and kick that after-dinner tired feeling out of your life forever!

You’ll see how to “strike-up” new energy from a thousand sources—and how to conserve the energy you have now.

For example, there’s a simple trick you can perform with a mirror that will relieve tension and stress instantly!

There’s a way you can burn up “stale energy’* right in your home or office—without getting out of your chair!

And there’s a certain breathing technique that will pep you up for hours after using it for only two minutes!

You’ll find all these techniques—and thousands of others in this book—powerful, proven methods that leading athletes, businessmen, and scientists use to get more energy.

Step-by-step you are shown how to uncover your hidden vitality and draw new strength from it. Step-by-step your pep, vim and vigor are raised to new heights you never believed you could attain.

Here are “power foods” and “sparkplug vitamins,” Zen Buddhist relaxation secrets, psychological techniques for breaking bad energy-habits, and many other unusual ways to conserve and generate extra energy.

For example, you discover the energy- builders used by Orientals for hundreds of years—the mysterious “yellow beads” that ease tension, settle arguments, and end energy-robbing indecision.

And at the end of every chapter, you’ll find a “success story”—a detailed case- history of how an ordinary human being applied these principles and raised himself from low-energy failure to high- energy prosperity, and a richer, happier new life!

You’ll see how the holy wise men of India increase their energy—and how you can do it, too, by putting your body into the magical “lotus pose.”

You’ll find out how sex, smoking and liquor affect your body—and how a simple switch can both raise your energy-level and increase your pleasure from these “worldly delights.”

You’ll talk to a 111-year-old man and find out his formula for longevity. You’ll learn four tricks that “cheat” old age and make you feel years younger and livelier.

And you’ll sleep like a baby every night in the week once you slip a certain small object under your pillow. No matter how bad your insomnia is, this plan will help you.

These are only a few of the amazing things you’ll find in this book. Try them out—and in a short time you’ll feel “fit as a fiddle” with inexhaustible supplies of vim, vigor and vitality at your command!