Tested Ways to Close the Sale (Digital Copy)

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“What all of us need most in selling are more tested ways to close sales faster, more often and more accurately. That’s what this book will do for you.”

W. V. (Smoke) Ballew, Past President, National Sales Executives Club

Tested Ways to
Close the Sale

Elmer Wheeler and his famous Word Laboratory have shown thousands of salesmen how to sell the “sizzle” instead of the steak. Now Elmer puts into one book all the techniques and tricks of the trade he and his Word laboratory have created on the neglected—and vital— art of closing sales.

Here is a treasure chest of tested ideas, suggestions and hints to help you step up your percentage of signed orders. From his broad, practical experience, Elmer tells you how to create the proper mood for closing and how to overcome “closing fears.”
20 closing errors to avoid, how to hold prospects attention and 8 ways to handle objections.

How to avoid tipping off the close, how to make price seem smaller, less important. How to recognize and overcome stalling tactics, when and how to leave gracefully —with the order and much, much more.

Elmer Wheeler’s Word Laboratory, or Sizzle l.ab as he now calls it, has tested 105,000 selling word combinations on 36,000,000 potential customers. He has built sales training programs for such companies as Du Pont, Reader’s Digest, Macy’s, Sears, Cadillac—some 247 clients who read like a Who’s Who of American industry. The fruits of this amazing experience are now yours to enjoy in Tested Ways to Close the Sale.