The Wealth Within You (Digital Copy)

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“There are no failures in the world . . .
there are only men and women who
did not know they could succeed.”


Elmer Wheeler is no different from millions of other Americans. Yet Wheeler’s career has become one of the fabulous success stories of our time. In this book, the man who advises top business executives tells not only his own secrets — but those of hundreds of other people who achieved phenomenal success.

Elmer Wheeler believes that the only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the successful ones somehow came into o realization of their own powers — in other words, found “the wealth within them.” In this book, he tells you how to cast out negative ideas from your mind — learn to use the ability and personality you already have — and develop a formula for success in anything you set out to do.

The Wealth Within You is not a book of theories. Every method it describes is taken from the actual experience of someone who used it and made it work. Some of these people you will know — others will not be familiar to you — but all of them have one thing in common: they have found the secret of success within themselves.

You will read about:

Ralph Nicholson—a newspaper boy who became the owner of two large news dailies and a radio station.

Vivien Leigh—an unknown English actress who went after and gof the most coveted movie role of the century!

Vincent Riggio—a S15 a week salesman who became president of the American Tobacco Company and one of the nation’s outstanding sales experts.

Claude M. Bristol—a doughboy in World War I whose faith in the “magic of believing” made him a successful lawyer, banker and best-selling author.

Charles Kettering—a young engineer who didn’t “follow the rules” but became one of the greatest industrial leaders of our time.

Lydia O’Leary—a girl with an unfortunate physical defect who turned that defect to advantage—and built up a highly profitable business for herself.

Jim Ferguson—an ordinary retail salesman whose simple success secret enabled him to become the personnel manager of Montgomery Ward’s in a few short years.

These actual stories of people who discovered their potentialities and used them to advantage run through Elmer Wheeler’s book. They make fascinating reading. But more than that — they will help you to achieve a measure of success you never dreamed possible!