Tested Public Speaking (Digital Copy)

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2,798 Speeches Ago!

IT WAS A MA’ITER of 2,798 * speeches ago that Elmer Wheeler wrote his Tested Public Speaking.

Since that time he has not rested on his laurels; in fact, during 1945 alone,  he  spoke  to well  over 1,000,000  people. It is his ambition to beat the record of Dr. Russell Conwell, who gave his immortal talk, Acres of Diamands, over 5,000 times.

We asked Elmer Wheeler to bring his Tested Public Speaking up to date, with revised material based on the experience acquired in the course of giving 2,798 additional speeches.

That material is incorporated in this second edition of Tested Public Speaking, together with his talk,  Take  an Hour to Say No, which has been reprinted over 7,000,000 times-a record!

As usual, Elmer Wheeler has based this book not on fancy, academic rules, but rather on his own practical experience as an outstanding speaker in his own right.PRENTICE HALL, Inc.

This number is now 4,681.