How I Mastered My Fear of Public Speaking (Digital Copy)

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How I Mastered My
Fear of Public Speaking

Here is down-to-earth, specific guidance for anyone who wants to overcome the fear of speaking to a group, gain poise and assurance, get his ideas across and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with self-expression.

In this valuable new book you will find a wealth of practical, highly personal, tested advice based on Elmer Wheeler’s own experience. He tells you

5 tested ways to make friends
4 rules in winning people over
6 simple steps to conquer fear of meeting people
How to remember names
11 guides for speaking before clubs
36 dos and don’ts for the public speaker
8 common errors to avoid
How to gain and hold attention

As a young reporter, Elmer Wheeler found that his inability to “get across’ to people was a serious handicap. Talking to a small group of people was a trial. Speaking from a platform, a terrible ordeal.

Today Elmer Wheeler is the most popular business speaker in America. He has given his famous “Sell the Sizzle” talk over 6,000 times. In one year, he spoke to over 1,000.000 people. A poll of 500 business clubs named him their favorite speaker.

How I Mastered My Fear of Public Speaking describes what caused this remarkable change—what he learned along the way—and what rules and ideas helped him develop his skill as a speaker. And, even more important, this amazing book shows how you can benefit from Elmer Wheeler’s experiences to sell yourself and your ideas to any group.

Elmer Wheeler is the author of some fifteen books on how to get along in life and how to sell. One hundred and twenty-five business schools and colleges throughout the world teach Elmer Wheeler courses. His speaking engagements have taken him from Canada to Mexico, and he has broken attendance records in many cities of the United States.